Round Robins

MTC-EKU Round Robin Coed Singles or Doubles most Friday nights starting at 6:30pm.

Round Robin

Countdown to Doubles Round Robin
Friday December 9th, 2022

It's time to play singles!

Join us for a fun night of Round Robin Singles or Doubles (Coed) at the EKU, Greg Adams Indoor Tennis Center (see info below). We are taking the first 10 people or teams who sign up. Please fill out the registration form below to reserve your spot. The Registration will open on Sunday night before the next Round Robin and will shut off after 10 people or teams have signed up. 

Singles Round Robin

  • Cost: $20, includes:
    • 3 hours indoor court time,
    • food, snacks and drinks.
  • Doors open at 6:00pm for warm-up.
  • Play begins at 6:30pm
  • If 10 players you will play 9 matches.
  • Matches earn points (match to 13)
  • Points accumulate for the whole session.
  • Points count, wins and losses do not.
  • Alternate serve every 2 points.
  • Change sides every 8 points.
  • New balls and warm-up balls provided.
  • Directors: Allen/Debbie Jackson


Registration will open Sunday, December 4th at 6pm for the December 9th Singles Round Robin . Thanks for your interest in our Round Robins.

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