Barbourville Tiger Classic


The city of Barbourville is no stranger to great tennis tennis coming through it. We’ve had a lot of community involvement whether it be through local coaches, Union College, or just recreational players. Barbourville Independent School has always been one of the smallest schools in the region, with typically no more than 50 graduating from a class, yet the school has persisted to encourage students to fall in love with tennis. Barbourville Independent has had a lot of growth in the program the last few years. We now have one of the largest teams in the school compared to other sports and have great turnout of new players willing to learn. There has been an emphasis on growing proper form and skills for new players. This has made the game a lot more fun and has allowed players to advance more quickly. Being one of the smallest schools in the region doesn’t mean we can’t be one of the best and the kids have been putting the work in to prove that.

  • This Tournament is sanctioned by the MTC and the USTA!
  • This tournament is open to all tennis players.
  • You do not have to be a member of the MTC or USTA to play in this tournament although, we encourage all tennis players to join the MTC and USTA.
  • Come and enjoy the wonderful London hospitality!
  • Come and have a fun day at our family oriented tennis tournament.

Internet Times

We post all times on the internet as a convenience for the players only! Occasionally, a players time might get changed. We will try and contact the players but, sometimes we are unable to reach them. The players are responsible for their own times! Please check the website (click here) late Friday night for possible time changes. If you have any doubts please call or text 606 309-8821.


Remember if it is raining where you are it might not be raining in Barbourville. We will attempt to play all matches on schedule. Please be on time!