Harlan County High School Tennis Tournament


Harlan County Tennis History: Harlan County is no stranger to tennis. Harlan County has a rich tennis history ranging from the 90s teams from Cumberland High School up until today. Head Coached by Jack Stevens, he lead the Cumberland Redskins to three 13th Regional Championships for the men's team and produced several quality players. Harlan County High School began its tennis season in 2011 after consolidating into one school, and began being coached by Wesley Bailey who sent several players to the quarterfinals in the 13th Regional Tournament and had several players sign for college. The team is now coached by his son, Caleb Bailey since 2021, and is determined to take the tennis program to the next level and reach goals that has not been met since the 90's. The team has produced high level tennis since taking over, which has advanced to the quarterfinals for three straight seasons for his teams in a tough and competitive 13th Region. The girls team has had back to back 14 plus winning seasons and the boys have had back to back ten plus winning seasons. The Harlan County Black Bears Tennis program welcomes all who are interested in tennis in Harlan County Public Schools to be apart of the program. Harlan County provides tennis clinics, private lessons, camps, and is officially a host for MTC tournaments. We want to continue seeing tennis grow in our county and to continue our goal of producing high level tennis within our region and to compete for a spot in the KHSAA State Tournament.

  • This Tournament is sanctioned by the MTC and the USTA!
  • This tournament is open to all tennis players.
  • You do not have to be a member of the MTC or USTA to play in this tournament although, we encourage all tennis players to join the MTC and USTA.
  • Come and enjoy the wonderful Harlan, KY hospitality!
  • Come and have a fun day at our family oriented tennis tournament.

Internet Times

We post all times on the internet as a convenience for the players only! Occasionally, a players time might get changed. We will try and contact the players but, sometimes we are unable to reach them. The players are responsible for their own times! Please check the website (click here) late Friday night for possible time changes. If you have any doubts please call or text 606 505-0032.


Remember if it is raining where you are it might not be raining in Harlan. We will attempt to play all matches on schedule. Please be on time!