MTC Berea Memorial Day Jackson Family


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This tournament is one of the Mountain Tennis Circuit's most popular
Tournaments. Held on Memorial Day Weekend, this normally is the MTC's
first tournament of the year.

  • This tournament is open to all tennis players.
  • You do not have to be a USTA Member to play in this tournament
    although, we encourage all tennis players to join the USTA.
  • Come and enjoy the wonderful Berean hospitality!
  • Come and enjoy our beautiful Wilson Evans Tennis Complex on
    the Berea College Campus.
  • Come and have a fun day at our family oriented tennis tournament.

Internet Times

We post all times on the internet as a convenience only!
You are responsible for your own times!
Please check the internet late Friday night for possible time changes.
If you have any doubts please call 606 965-2087.


Remember if it is raining where you are it might not be raining in Berea.
We will attempt to play all matches on schedule. Please be on time!

All Matches 2 out of 3 sets (super tie-breaker in lieu of 3rd set)

If consolation rounds are available, all Consolation Matches 2 out of 3 sets
(super tie-breaker in lieu of 3rd set) no-ad scoring.

(Tournaments Directors have permission to change scoring format due to
uncertain conditions that might arise).


Registration Closed