Cherif Hechema Scholarship Tournament



This tournament is in Honor of Dr. Cherif Hechema of Berea. Dr. Hechema was an avid tennis player, Tournament Director, and community tennis supporter for many many years. Dr. Hechema is also a founding member of the Mountain Tennis Circuit "HALL OF FAME" and was a leading influence for tennis throughout the state of Kentucky.

  • This Tournament is sanctioned by the MTC and the USTA!
  • This tournament is open to all tennis players.
  • You do not have to be a member of the MTC or USTA to play in this tournament
    although, we encourage all tennis players to join the MTC and USTA.
  • Come and enjoy the wonderful Berean hospitality!
  • Come and enjoy our beautiful Wilson Evans Tennis Complex on
    the Berea College Campus.
  • Come and have a fun day at our family oriented tennis tournament.

Internet Times

We post all times on the internet as a convenience for the players only! Occasionally, a players time might get changed. We will try and contact the players but, sometimes we are unable to reach them. The players are responsible for their own times! Please check the website (click here) late Friday night for possible time changes. If you have any doubts please call 606 965-2087 or text 859 904-3133.


Remember if it is raining where you are it might not be raining in Berea. We will attempt to play all matches on schedule. Please be on time!



The Wilson Evans Tennis Complex houses ten separate playing courts and is the home of both the Berea College men's and women's tennis teams.  The courts are also used frequently by the College's physical education department and patrons of the Seabury Center.  The courts are also available to the general public for recreational use and are a popular spot for the community's local tennis enthusiasts.

In the summer of 2012, the courts were resurfaced with the Premier Court ® surface coating.  This new coating is designed to reduce injuries and provide consistency of player performance with a state-of-the art, all-weather, cushioned surface.  The facility features a Musco lighting system on the back five courts to allow for evening practice and play.